Local history: it's about life and living

Museum open for July & August. Weekends to Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday thru Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

2023 Federal Canada Summer Jobs grant supports 2 employees.

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Musée Vankleek Hill Museum

95 Main Street East

Wednesday to Sunday


Visit our entire site for a great intro to our local history. We are located in Eastern Ontario, on a rise of land equidistant from Canada's capital Ottawa, and the wonderful Québec metropolitan city of Montréal!

Always a good idea to contact us first by telephone or email, or FB:  Musée Vankleek Hill Museum

Musée Vankleek Hill Museum will answer research requests.
T 613-678-2323
or info@vankleek.ca



We respond to research requests. Contact us by telephone, email, Facebook.

At the Museum, masks are not mandatory, hand sanitizer use on entry is a must, physical distancing is still strongly encouraged.  To exit the pandemic is an historic world-wide effort. Pay attention to the advice of your local Health Unit and medical officers of health.

Board of Directors   2023-2025

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President: Debbie Hall
Vice-President: Ben Martin
Secretary: Valerie Allen
Treasurer: Ida Everest
Past President: Gary Barton
Directors: David Chamberlain, Harvey LeRoy, Alice MacLaurin