Reliable Research References on the Web

Many Web sites regularly undergo upgrading, and some fall into a state of neglect and become orphaned. The material that exists on the following sites is current and reliable. (January 2022)

In Canada every province and major city has its own library and archives Web sites. Look into Canadian university and college Web sites which contain information from their libraries, archives, and presses that often engage in digitization projects.

Also search out museums, historic sites, genealogy associations, historical societies, and re-enactment groups for historical information. Use your search engine and enter terms such as Saskatchewan Provincial Archives or Bibliothèque de Montréal to obtain the proper URL. Use your terms of interest (such as 19th century costume) to seek out relevant sites.

Choose Web sites that have affiliations to organizations or recognized researchers. An organization will have its name up-front, and a recognized researcher will have his/her credentials/experience listed. If there are articles of value to you, look for the references for the information used in the article.

Remember to keep track of your personal Web resources. It reduces the frustration when later you look at your project and can't recall where the information came from.

  The Vankleek Hill & District Historical Society is an affiliated member of the Ontario Historical Society.

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Alberta Heritage Digitization Project: Our Future, Our Past


Bibliothèque et Archives nationales Québec Select Collection numérique

British Columbia International Digital Library


Canadiana  Canada's documentary heritage


Champlain Society. Canadian exploration over three centuries and more.

Colin Churcher's Railway Pages (from Ottawa)

Concordia University - Historical Archives on the Web


 Fur Trade

Hudson's Bay Company Archives (HBCA), Archives of Manitoba.

In Pursuit of Adventure: The Fur Trade in Canada and the North West Company

Canadian Historical Association Their 64 historical booklets are digitized & online.


Genealogy Links

Genealogy Centre, Library and Archives Canada

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites , large resource base

Ontario Genealogical Society

Quebec Family History Society

Société de généalogie canadienne française

My Heritage

 Find a Grave



Atlas of Canada, Natural Resources Canada. Telling Canada’s history with map.

McGillU: Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

Ontario Historical County Maps Project

Toponymie du Québec: Banque des noms de lieux du Québec
Bank of place names in Québec 

Glengarry Historical Society

1912 Chas. Goad Vankleek Hill Fire Insurance Plan (Toronto Public Library)


Internet Archives



Ottawa Lowertown- A one Place Study

Library and Archives Canada



Manitobia: Manitoba History

Maritime History Archive, Memorial University


Organization of Military Museums of Canada

Canadian Military History Gateway, Canadian collection military resources

Canadian War Museum

Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces  Enter "History" into search box for nmerous results.

Museums: some of our friends and partners

Argenteuil Regional Museum, Carillon, Québec (2022 Closed for renovations. Check site for alternative exhibits)

Cumberland Heritage Village

Dufferin County Museums and Archives

Glengarry County Archives

Glengarry Pioneer Museum, Dunvegan

Guelph Museums

L’Orignal, the Old Jail

Maison Macdonell-Williamson House, Chute-à-Blondeau, Ontario 

Nor'Westers and Loyalist Museum

Rockland Museum

Canadian Museum of History, Hull


National Film Board

National Gallery of Canada, Research




Vankleek Hill Review, subscribe to historical archives

The Glengarry News, Alexandria (historical newspapers access Glengarry County Archives)

Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Ottawa Citizen

Montreal Gazette

Google Newspaper Archives





Glengarry County Archives
Archives of Ontario

Ontario Heritage Trust


Peel’s Prairie Provinces, western Canadian history & culture of the Prairies


University of British Columbia, search Open Collections